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Rotary Chassis Grease 101
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03 Apr 2018
24 Satuan
IDR 27.200

Specification of

Rotary CG-101 is a high-performance grease chassis formulated off-highway equipment utilizing a centralized lubrication system. Rotary CG-101 is maximized protection of components and has excellent mechanical and thermal properties of stability, unmatched rust and corrosion protection and water resistance.

Benefits and Benefits Potential:

Resist crisis at high temperatures
Protects against contamination of dirt and moisture
Provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion of the chassis
decreased operating costs, maintenance costs and economic use
Designed for centralized lubrication system
Reduces wear under heavy or crowded loads and vibrations. Good anti-wear performance
Fatty Oils are recommended for lubrication chassis points, ball joints and automotive and universal truck applications. It is also suitable for automotive bearings.

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