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Rotary Multi Purpose Grease
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03 Apr 2018
24 Satuan
IDR 29.000

Specification of

Rotary Multi Purpose Grease high quality multipurpose oil produced from mineral base oil, lithium thickener and oxidation and corrosion inhibitor for use in automotive and industrial applications where EP oil is not required.

Benefits and Benefits Potential:

Reduces downtime and maintenance costs due to reduced wear, rust and corrosion
service life is extended with longer intervals between lubrication and prolong bearing life
Potential to improve mechanical life and reduce energy consumption
Maintains good grease performance in hostile watery environments
Helps reduce wear and tear, even when parallel to help lower maintenance costs
Fatty oils are recommended for heavy duty automotive and industrial applications such as wheel bearings, shaft joints, ball joints, water pump bearings. It can be used with a normal operating temperature of up to 150

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